Sunday, 16 September 2012

Raimi's Evil Dead II

I put this film here because when I was young it scared me. Today it is more funny and some scenes are great.

How does the scenes feel?
Uncomfortable, creepy.

How has this been achieved?
A cottage in dark forest. Small rooms. Screaming. Blood. Everything is moving. Camera unnatural angles.

Has the mise-en-scene played a part in this?
Of course, the cottage itself is ugly, the small rooms are uncomfortable. The people possessed by demons. Guns shooting. The mise-en scene is building nasty, ugly and really uncomfortable feeling. I think no one would stay there one night.     
Is there any meaning conveyed by the mise-en-scene?
It is a horror movie and the MeS conveys meaning that there are other dimension such as dead evil.

Amazing spiral camera.

I like the cut when he looks on car and then his eyes shift in right and cut we see car accelerating.

Great idea with mirrow.

Great POV camera.

An example of depth of field.

Craziness - an example of tilted camera.

Screaming and flying camera

Nice cutting.

When he is in the middle age the color is changed.


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