Saturday, 1 September 2012

My feedback to tutor's report

The tutor's feedback was very useful. I realized why my feelings was right that something should have be done better. For example a notion that the first frame is too uneventful gives me clear explanation why the image is a little bit boring. The frame need an action such as reading a book e.g.

Also I need to better understand connection of shots because I thought I was right when I connected two first shots to give an idea that the man is waiting for a call. After tutor's notions I think I need to build more dramatic set next time. The man is reading a book and suddenly the phone is ringing, he is surprised who can call in this time, some shot shows a time 2 a.m. e.g., he pick up the phone and receive the bad news. I need to think about the story more wider.

I agree that the last frame does not convey new information  and the story could have ended at shot 4. It is interesting to think about that as redundant shot :-) I think I will avoid them next assignments.
Again, thank you for the feedback Robert.

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