Saturday, 30 June 2012

An unfinished project

My an unfinished project where I have problems to finish. I hope that after this course I will be able to finish it.  When I saw it again after several years I saw mistakes in cuts. The rhythms of the film is not good, it is too long and boring. What is the film about? What it tells us? Those questions hit my mind.


My friend asked me to make short clip about his son who plays an ice hockey. In these days I was reading book "The eye is quicker" (Richard Pepperman) and I saw that as opportunity to try the some knowledge about cutting. I made this clip from many shooting angles as I was travelling from one point to another around the stadium. I was struggling to join the tracks together but some of the connected actions look like they happened in same time but the tonality of colors prove that they were recorded in other time. I like some cuts here and also I see some problems and also second part is somehow boring as we watch only ice hockey action.


I like machines and when a highway was under construction in my area I did not hesitate. My intention was to make a film about the biggest truck which is allowed to go on normal roads. The driver should have told some information about the car but finally I have decided to make only a music clip. Main critique was about the story again. What it is about? A Caterpillar  company advertisement? I like the clip even it is boring in second part.


My first short film which was projected on an amateur film competition. It got a price for nicely shoot pictures but the main critique was thata story is missing  there. I just wanted to show how to relax in our turbulent lives.