Friday, 30 November 2012

Atmosphere: A thief

I thought that the trial of "somebody is looking" was somehow  empty in story and I wanted to add some action here. The first thing was that somebody is alone in work and suddenly a sound attract his attention, he stands up and sees somebody running away with a briefcase.

I used the three point lighting (I recently bought a set of ReadHead Lamps (2400W)) and I am satisfied with the results. I played more with lighting in a shot where the figure is running away. I wanted to produce here some figure shadows projected on floor and walls. The sound when the man is shouting to the "thief" was recorded separately. I played with color of the shots to be more blue because the original tone was a little bit more orange.

I also learnt that the PC monitor produce enough light to be used as fill or modeling light for the figure within the scene.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Atmosphere: Somebody is looking

I wanted to produce an atmosphere of tension. A feeling that somebody is hiding and watching another man. I love the three point lighting, it really works and looks great. I like the sound of paper here. I think I could add a sound which attracted the attention of the reader and maybe he can could say "is anybody there?". Also, a point of view of the reader towards the hiding man should enhance the feel of space.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Exercise Listening

In the attic
- the clock ticking
- textile cracking (as I was moving)
- my breathing
- a sound of car outside in distance
- a radio in kitchen

Outside in garden
- singing birds
- continual noise of town
- barking dog in distance
- car tooted
- cat mewing
- acceleration sound of car
- sounds from neighborhoods (glass clinking)
- kids in distance

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Don't Look Now - Nicolas Roeg

A film with amazing atmosphere which left me full of mystery, with unanswered questions and frozen spine.

Opening sequence: I like the combination of still image and illustration. It is great connection between the photograph and the sequence when their daughter fell in a pool. The red color, red mackintosh, our hunch tells us something wrong happens here.


The red figure in Venice: This sequence is extremely atmospheric. Donald chases the red figure and when he finds  her she kill him. What a surprise, the match of the figure with his daughter. In this scene I was really scared when the figure turn her face to him. What is more I did not expect she kill him. Still I cannot believe he did not survive, why him, why the match ..... . I am glad that Robert recommended this film. I am missing films like this in those days.   

Friday, 23 November 2012

REPULSION Roman Polanski

The film was recommended me for its superb atmosphere. And yes  Robert I like it. The atmosphere here is really great I like the scene when a shadowy man disrupts her dream. One day she colored lips to be prepared for him. The sound in those scenes are silent. When I saw the first scene when she met the man for the first time I was expecting a scream but there are only clock and rustling textiles sounds as she is moving in bed. Great, the violence is boosted by the silence and we want to scream for her.

I love how they build the transformation of her perception of space. We know that she lives in "a small flat" and suddenly there are large living room and large strange looking bathroom. Amazing, I like the effect.

I like the strange things which happen there. The cracks, the rabbit, the hands. All things appeal our attention to know more why they are here.

The lighting is amazing, I watched it closely and they hide lights everywhere to light the scene dramatically. The light behind sofa and laying on floor as you can seee in this example:

The lighting lit the scene from bottm throught the window to make window shade on roof:

Every scene is perfectly build and lit, you can choose any of them and study it.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Monday, 19 November 2012

3 point lighting and U-fly steadycam

The read heads set of lamps arrived today and I made a trial.

First try with the U-fly steadycam

Saturday, 17 November 2012

The Third Man: The Atmosphere

There are evidence of three point lighting throughout the whole film.  

The use of strong light creates great shadows projection on wall. This techniques produce dramatic atmosphere.

When the figures moving on within the space it is visible how the lights are placed within the stage.

The tilted camera is used a lot in this film to support strange feeling and build a tension in the story (I think).