Saturday, 24 November 2012

Don't Look Now - Nicolas Roeg

A film with amazing atmosphere which left me full of mystery, with unanswered questions and frozen spine.

Opening sequence: I like the combination of still image and illustration. It is great connection between the photograph and the sequence when their daughter fell in a pool. The red color, red mackintosh, our hunch tells us something wrong happens here.


The red figure in Venice: This sequence is extremely atmospheric. Donald chases the red figure and when he finds  her she kill him. What a surprise, the match of the figure with his daughter. In this scene I was really scared when the figure turn her face to him. What is more I did not expect she kill him. Still I cannot believe he did not survive, why him, why the match ..... . I am glad that Robert recommended this film. I am missing films like this in those days.   

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