Friday, 23 November 2012

REPULSION Roman Polanski

The film was recommended me for its superb atmosphere. And yes  Robert I like it. The atmosphere here is really great I like the scene when a shadowy man disrupts her dream. One day she colored lips to be prepared for him. The sound in those scenes are silent. When I saw the first scene when she met the man for the first time I was expecting a scream but there are only clock and rustling textiles sounds as she is moving in bed. Great, the violence is boosted by the silence and we want to scream for her.

I love how they build the transformation of her perception of space. We know that she lives in "a small flat" and suddenly there are large living room and large strange looking bathroom. Amazing, I like the effect.

I like the strange things which happen there. The cracks, the rabbit, the hands. All things appeal our attention to know more why they are here.

The lighting is amazing, I watched it closely and they hide lights everywhere to light the scene dramatically. The light behind sofa and laying on floor as you can seee in this example:

The lighting lit the scene from bottm throught the window to make window shade on roof:

Every scene is perfectly build and lit, you can choose any of them and study it.

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