Friday, 30 November 2012

Atmosphere: A thief

I thought that the trial of "somebody is looking" was somehow  empty in story and I wanted to add some action here. The first thing was that somebody is alone in work and suddenly a sound attract his attention, he stands up and sees somebody running away with a briefcase.

I used the three point lighting (I recently bought a set of ReadHead Lamps (2400W)) and I am satisfied with the results. I played more with lighting in a shot where the figure is running away. I wanted to produce here some figure shadows projected on floor and walls. The sound when the man is shouting to the "thief" was recorded separately. I played with color of the shots to be more blue because the original tone was a little bit more orange.

I also learnt that the PC monitor produce enough light to be used as fill or modeling light for the figure within the scene.

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