Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mulholland drive: Mise-en-scene

Mulholland drive by David Lynch is my favorite mystery film. I like an atmosphere of David Lynch films. I especially like the colors and things in his films like curtains, phones and interesting people within an mystery story. Here is a still of one scene which I like:

How does the scene feel?
Mystery, who is the man on an invalid chair? Why he is on it? Who is the man behind him? Why there is "a speaker" in the front? There is a glass as protection of him. What he is about? There is a shot in the sequence from low camera angle. He probably has big power/influence. A plenty of questions.

How has this been achieved?
There are few things: curtains, the microphone in the front, the man on the invalid chair, the man behind him, a desk with a lamp with blue light. There is a part of a sofa. The lightning and colors are also amazing.

Has the mise-en-scene played a part in this?
Surely yes, the cleanness of the space able to be focused on the main character of this sequence. We see only his face, other characters in this sequence we do not see. Why the lamp has blue light color? Is there connection with the mystery blue cube in that film? I did not notice that the lamp has blue light before.

Is there any meaning conveyed by the mise-en-scene?
I think the desk convey that the man is high positioned and thus has high influence over the characters or story. It supports their social cloths. There is a speaker in front on a glass protection which convey a meaning that the man must be protected and it supports the man in background. The curtains convey a meaning that something is hide behind.
Here is whole sequence:

Also I added some interesting sequences such as a subjective viewpoint and moving camera from wide frame to close up, it is very effective to make emphasis.

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