Saturday, 1 September 2012

My feedback to Stuart's Assignment

Hi Stuart
you made a great short film. I like it.

I made some notions:
1. the veranda opening door shot: I have a feeling that there is a problem with time, I do not know how to correct it now, but there is probably a need to let a little bit longer time between the man is trying to open the veranda door and the door are opened by other burglar from inside. It was quicker than I can believed he can went around the house and open the veranda door from inside.  Just my thought.
2. I like the actors especially Jonathan acted very well. His expressions are convincing and his voice is suitable for burglar :-). Do they have some experience with acting?
3. The humour is great. The passive smoking )))))).
4. The contrast between the rabbit shot and stairs shot was a little bit disturbing.
5. Your notions about mistakes: I did not notice any of them when I saw it for the first time. E.g. the opened door on veranda in one shot and next the door is closed. I noticed the mistakes after I have read about them but I think the film is medium where most of those mistakes are seen when you see the film repeatedly.
6. When I saw the film many times the problem with the time which I mentioned in issue 1 was somehow smaller and smaller. I realized that we need a time probably days between our critical point of view because when you see the film several times again and again we can ignore some mistakes.

Anyway, Stuart made a lot of work and thank you for your sharing it with us.

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