Saturday, 8 September 2012

Hitchcock's To Catch A Thief

I could not change the German  language, so I just chose some scenes which I like.

The opening scene: I like the contrast between zoom shot which reveals us a sign "If you love life you will love France" ......... . So easy, scary, amazing.

The restaurant scene.

How does it feel? Hostilety.
How that has been achieved? Every character do an action which supports the hostilety: waitress did not answer to greeting, the cook wriggles the carrot etc.
Has the mise-en-scene played a part in this? In the kitchen there are knifes and many others things .... .
Is there any meaning conveyed by the mise-en-scene? The kitchen is a background of restaurant but the main element. Usually it is not allowed for customers to see the kitchen and maybe the meaning is here that something is hidden.

Cary has message: I like how camera changed its angle when Cary read message from low to high. 

Shadow in her face: the shadow in face is perfect for her talking about real face of Cary.

Seduction scene: I like the connection between the kissing and fireworks.

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