Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kubrick's Space odyssey

This film is a journey to the space, I saw it as a child and was captivated by the effects and the story.  

How does it feel? Aloneness, reliant on Hall computer, nearly timelessness.
How that has been achieved? Long time shots, the pace of film is slow.
Has the mise-en-scene played a part in this? The effects and compositions are marvelous. The space is huge. I like the scene when Hal killed hibernated crew and does want to open the entry for one pod. The wide shot of the ship and pod shows that Hal has control under situation and human being must think how to overcome him. The spaces are arranged perfectly, we believe that we are on the board of a ship. The shapes of the spaces, colors, technologies which still seems up to date (when they have breakfast they watch tablets :-)) even the film was introduced 1968, build the atmosphere that we are participants of something different than we are facing every day, we want to know what happens next.
Is there any meaning conveyed by the mise-en-scene? I have read that the breathing represents our weaknesses when we are out of our nature environment - we need oxygen for our life and computer need not.  There is battle between man and his tool. There is an evolutionary line from apes (who use a bone as a tool) to a man with a technology which allows him to reach space and mission to Jupiter but we see that the man must learn new things like walking in no gravity etc. At the end the man must destroy his tool (HAL) and the evolution ends when we see space child.

In this shot I like the cut from a bone to ship (man tool / man tool).

I like here the door opening, it is abstract until we see the sitting woman and man.

Being in space you need to lear how to walk.

 Great landing composition. 

The moon monolit meeting. I like the shots especially the walking camera.

Introduction of bone ship. Running in circles is amazing (up and down).

Tablets and Hal. There are great compositions, the angles supports that we are in no gravity space.

Talking with Hal. Hal watches man and is interested in his drawings.

Wrong antenna - Hal's mistake.

Hal watches man and knows that they want to turn him off.

Battle between man and his tool.

The man is turning Hal off. Amazing light effects and atmosphere.

Being alone the man is ready to face his death. Great light effects again.


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