Saturday, 29 September 2012

Looking back on Project 2

Looking back on the project 2 I have immediately noticed that my starting frame is wide frame of fighting crowd (even it is smaller part of the painting). I think the starting point of the story would be more interesting not to show the whole scene of fight but some closer frames of fighting man, their moving legs, fighting guns, shooting guns etc. I think by this we can capture more attention of audience. They should ask themselves what is going here, why there is a fighting, I want to know more (just my opinion). The mise-en-scene, a very important person is injured and others are trying / looking to help him. We see a battle, we see red uniforms - so maybe British army, there is an 'Indian', so it is on America continent.

I did not use whole painting as wide frame but I think it could be good as an end of the sequence now. I think that I could put the frame with the detail of injured body two position further. To hide on what the people are looking e.g. 

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