Sunday, 8 July 2012

Other students' sequences

I have seen some students' story-boards and I was surprised that I do not know or remember some of the stories at all. Anyway I have found the Cinderella story by Emily ( and I recognized it easily. Why? Because in the first frame is written Royal Ball Invitation, there are three persons and one who is holding a broom. I think the first frame said nearly everything. Next frames are telling the rest of story, the miracle/magic, the ball/dancing, the lost shoe, the last - testing. For understanding the story, I think, it is necessary to tell the story with the use of important changes (turns) which move on the story. In the frames the reader should see important things which we can easily recognized and are connected to the story.

When I saw first frame in study material (pp.16) I knew immediately that the story is Little Red Riding Hood.  I think I could say what it was because I know the story. We have heard it many times in our lives. On the other hand some students' fairy tales were much harder to remember the story even if there were many things in frames which should have helped me to remember it. 

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