Saturday, 28 July 2012

An Alcoholic - objective shots - storyboard

For the first frame I used wide frame (long shot) to introduce the space where the story will take place. The second frame is CU of the bottle where eyes of an actor ended in the previous frame.

The MCU of the actor (on the right side) should reveals his necessity to drink an alcohol. Again a CU of bottle (on the left side to build a connection with the actor) and a hand which enter the frame and pick up the bottle. 

As the actor is unscrewing the bottle I thought it could be correct to use the low angle. The shot from low angle could make a feeling that the actor is weaker to resist. I put there a shot of a BCU of actor's nose as he is sniffing because I thought I needed a shot connection between the unscrewing shot and shot of distraction. I thought I could not make connection between MS/LA (frame 5) and the disruption shot (frame 7) it will make a non-logical  jump (I must try to connect those two shots).   

The distraction moment I framed in wide way. I thought the viewer should have see whole scene in one shot. The reaction of the actor and what it caused. The CU shot of the vacuum cleaner is another connection between the distraction moment and the last drinking of the bottle shot where I use again the low angle to support a weaknesses of the actor.

Last shot I let same as in objective exercise, I let the actor to drink of the bottle instead let him pour a drink.

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