Monday, 16 July 2012

The feel of a frame

Once Upon a Time in the West:
Alone against predominance. Tension. It is sure there will be a shooting. The stranger is holding the baggage and the man on the right has hand at the revolvers.  The wide shot is amazing. We do not see the faces of killers but we know they are aware of the stranger, I think their poses and positions say this fight surely will not be easy.

Blue Velvet:
Madness. Scary. Mystery. What is going there. A man whit opened mouth - standing man with blood on his head and mad man. The frame shows a lot of things. I thinkI should have uploaded a frame with an action of another Hopper's movement to see his angry mood.

Surprise, helplessness. It is the MCU which reveals the feeling in the face of the actor in the shot.

The Elephant man:
Surprise, sorrow, compassion, fright. The face says it and the close up frame is great for witnessing emotions.

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