Sunday, 22 July 2012

Exercise: Shooting a short sequence

I made a sequence with only 4 shots. The first one was looking around the kitchen. I am not sure if the pan/tilt camera is good choice but the frame/shot introduce place where we are. I wanted some fast looking such as our eyes do (move - pause - move  - pause). The attraction about bottle is expressed by a move back and a zoom on table where the bottle is. So, four frames which I drew are within one shot. I do not like the moving of camera and maybe I should try to make new shots divided in few frames (perhaps) to see a difference. The shot is dark because I changed exposure in order to not having burnt spaces in windows. I made close-ups frames of two shots of unscrewing and drinking and it works good I think, we see what the hand are doing and the pour is understandable. The shot of attraction of sound I made by a try to copy move of a head. Just as we quickly move to direction of a sudden sound.

It was not easy as I thought. I noticed when I saw the film several times as I was cutting it that I miss a face of the person. It is not typical for a film storytelling that we see everything from POV (first person).

Here it is, all comments are welcome:



  1. I think you have created a film which has that manic kind of atmosphere which an alcoholic would live in. The eyes darting around the kitchen, then zooming in on the bottle is good. The distraction too is handled well moving the camera quickly to look at it. Close up of drinking from the bottle good. I think you have captured the atmosphere well. I like it

  2. Thank you for your comment Margaret, I am glad that you like it. I am not happy with the first shot but I will make a reflection on it after several days.

  3. Like Margaret said, the movement is very manic - but suiting! Most of us so far seem to have gone along the 'slow pan' route, but yours is very fresh. I'm glad that you zoomed, though - I wouldn't have noticed the bottle without the zoom (because there was otherwise too much details in the room).

    I felt the audio was very good - I especially liked the change in tone and volume after moving back to the shot of the alcoholic drinking out of the bottle. And the gasp for air added to the feeling of desperation from the person.

  4. Thank you for your comment Stuart, you right, there were too many details and the zoom was only way how to focus what is important. I think the zoom should have been much closer. Still in the frame are a lot of things. In the objective exercise I let the bottle alone on a table and it is much better when the viewer see only the important thing.

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