Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Conversation

Questions from last exercise encouraged me to study some sequence from film The Conversation which I saw yesterday. I thought that there are more POV. Here is link to the sequence it starts from 6:00 min. I used here only final sequence.

Gene Hackman looks into bathroom on the toilette bowl and we think with him, what is wrong with it and after it there is the POV and the camera is a little bit shaking.

and after it we see Gene again and he moves into the bathroom and instead of POV we see the bowl and Gene's bottom part of body.

And there is a CU shot which is shaking also (maybe there was not room to install tripod) and surprisingly there is not POV but because we do not see upper part of Gene's body the shot is closely to be as POV but it is not.

Important shot where we see Gene's reaction and next shot where we see Gene's legs. Very impressive shot, we are a witness that something is wrong. 

Again a shot on Gene's reaction and very scary POV shot of bowl filled with overflowing blood accompanied by music.

and the sequence ends here. The conversation is great film and this sequence reminded me The Psycho and I have to see the bathroom sequence know.

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  1. You made this film look so interesting that I bought it and it arrived today. Looking forward to watching it