Sunday, 14 October 2012

Project 8 Balance

Examples of frames composed according to the rule of thirds:
Hitchock, Kubrick, Coppola

Examples of composition balanced between shots:
Godfather, Francis Coppola

Examples of the rules being broken:

My favourite film 2001 has great examples where Kubrick broke the rule of  thirds. I think intention was there to strengthen the absurdity that the man has to beg his tool (HAL) to open the door.

The Evil Dead II

There is a scene when a man is looking to the left and he should be on the right side in third position, right? He is looking around and after when he looks left he turn head and le looks left, that was the reason put him into centre of frame.

Mulholland Dr. / Man Who knows to much

I think the mise en-scĂ©ne  composition in this example of Mulholland drive scene is not build according the rules of third just because Lynch wanted to build a tension in that frame. Even the objects are not on the lines perfectly still there is a sense of thirds on the left a speaker, in the middle the people and on the left the table and a part of a couch.
In the Hitchcock's frame: the man are placed in the middle in left/right third area. I think it is balanced shot and nice example that object does not want to be on the vertical lines. 

Tension created by upsetting the balance
The Evil Dead II / 2001



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