Sunday, 28 October 2012

Exercise: Reflected light

I have made a trial with a white sheet A4, perforated aluminised plate on grill, metal plate and a table from IKEA as reflectors of a side light. The white paper did not work well due to its size which was small. When I used the table the affect of reflected light was greater. The surface of table was 50x50 cm. The grill plate disappointed me, I thought it should have reflect interesting lightning but the light was too much distracted. The metal plate reflect more concentrated light and especially in combination with the ship it reminds me a flashy light reflected from water.  I changed the object because the reflected light on the black figure was absorbed and the impact less visible.

I have bought a small camera GOPRO HERO2 which is usually used to capture sport events by fitting it on a helmet, car, bicycle etc. It has options for 170° fish lens , 120° and third zoom mode. I wanted to make an experiment with it and I put it on a small cart (cart used below flowerpot) and make some trucking and moving.

The same as above I used my HDV Camera. In both examples I like the moving around the object. When the camera is close to the ship and is moving from left to right it looks like the ship is moving instead the camera. 

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