Sunday, 14 October 2012

Exercise: Images with depth

I have photographed these pictures recently and I thought they are suitable for this exercise.
The first picture is taken at sunrise. The depth is build by shapes of trees and saturation of colours which both decrease with the distance. The foreground is framed by tree on both sides and the lightning at sunrises make the wood more plastic. All my pictures shot after a short time of sunrise were flat without the plasticity as is in this picture. The morning fog helps here to make the impression of aloneness, mystery, maybe wonderland but also danger and uncomfortable situation. All my tries to take pictures were too flat compared with this morning scenery. The morning sun lightning and fog turned "the flat" into image with depth by contrasts between shadows and lighting also.

The second image should have been a dynamic image taken from a truck. My friend invited me to take some pictures from new construction of highway tunnels. So I thought it could be good to make some great pictures. I made some images but it was noon so the sun light over our heads was too sharp and all pictures outside were flat. However, I have been taken some images in the tunnel and there the lightning was completely different.  The tunnel separates the sun lightning in foreground and background and by this is created the depth. The depth is make by the shape of the tunnel (the diminishing circles on its surface).  The blurred foreground supports the dynamic of the truck, I think.

The third picture. The depth here is mainly build with the perspective lines of pillars, lamps, widows. The wide lens here make the space much bigger than it is in reality.  

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