Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Exercise: Creating depth with lighting

I like these three pictures. I used three sources of light and not used all of them in these pictures. The first one I like because the space is lighted by all of the sources and we see all the space through  wide lens and the space look warm, friendly. I like the cleanliness within the space. There are few things we can read them very quickly. In the second picture I let on a light from back room to just lighting through a door open on half way. I like the dreamy to horror feeling. The depth is build by reflections of light on surfaces of the things in the room. In the third picture I zoomed and focused a sphere in foreground to create depth with blurred background. I like the mystery in the image, a sphere, a couchette, what will happen in future?

I like Margaret's photographs, I like the second picture http://oca-filmprod.blogspot.cz/2011/11/space-creating-space-by-layers-of.html Again the feeling of mystery and the composition is great. Some question crossing my mind, the curtain is hiding something?, who is sitting in these chairs? The depth of the room is nicely achieve by those lamps with interesting shapes. Hmmm. Also the reflection in the pictures hanging on wall are interesting. I really like it.


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