Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Blair Witch Project

Here are my notes I made when watching the film:

A shaking camera, strange sounds, piles of stones, strange items hanging on branches, automatic focus of handy camera is crazy, camera is looking on ground, no worry about composition, all of this elements support the authenticity, mystery, darkness, strangeness ....

24:49 "Hello" (Is anybody out there) scene: dark, we just hear some strange sounds, we did not see anything just the team members lightened by camera light beam. Great scary scene.

(they have a map but no notion about a compass, they are lost in the wood)

Shots without composition. The camera is long  zoomed and is dancing forth and back between the figures, looking on their mackintoshes. It must be real!!! :-)

29:13 nearly black shot with visible noise caused by low sensitive camera, some noises. Alone in the dark wood. "It must be a dear". Great work with sound, I was really scared.

38:52 a quarrel about the map. Great sequence how to build a forlornness, despair, conflict.

41:32 curious things from branches hanging on tree branches. I like especially that one when I thought it is high as the trees but it was close up shot!

43:30 the night is here again, we are in the tent, it is dark, we do not see anything, after a while the camera is on and focused on a textile. We see children voices for a moment and suddenly something is drumming on the tent and they run away of the tent. They turn the camera light off and we listen the sounds. Amazing how to build scary atmosphere.

58:36 nice black and white shots of trees.

59:00 strange voice again like Josh is shouting (he disappeared). Here I notice the noise of camera. Again, scary sequence with a sound of wind.

1:10:13 The house. We see that sequence through two cameras. Josh is shouting Mike's name. They want to find him but someone is there ...... We are left with questions .... who was there? The witch? I do not think so, what about the notions about children at the beginning of that story.

Great movie with scary, loneliness, forlornness, despair atmosphere. 

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