Sunday, 16 December 2012

Exercise listening

I love those items which produce steadily continuing sound like washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, heating system, boiler etc. It is not easy record the sounds separately because the recorder Zoom is so sensitive that any sounds which are produced nearby is recorded. You need quiet place to get clean sound but what can you do when the items are installed in kitchen next to living room where wife is watching  TV and dogs want to know what are you doing  :-).

I load here some sounds which I like. When I listened them many times the imagination come to me and  every time I can imagine something different. Here are my notes about the sounds:

repeating rhythm, it reminds me washing machine, blue colour, a beach

black space, coldness, it could be a plant where machines are working, no man

a cooling thing, a ventilator, it is hot, it is a place at the back of building where air conditions are placed.

The imagination is endless. The sounds can be used as source of another items, they are interchangeable. We always connect what we see with what we hear but what we hear in film could not be real it can be illusion and it is the great power of sound in film. The heating sound ( can produce very great atmosphere - dark, tension, mystery, loneliness etc. (I remember sounds in Lynch's film EraserHead)

I have to collect another sounds of those items in future and learn more about sounds and music. 

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