Monday, 17 February 2014

Assignment 4 Constructing a narrative

PDF files: 
Report with preparation notes and critique: Assignment_4_Notes.pdf
Tutor report: Tutor_Report_Assignment4.pdf

some photographs



  1. Stuart wrote me:

    It’s excellent, Emil! Really good! The only one thing that I found a little negative was the shot of the guy at the very beginning of the film: I felt he was too close to the camera and it felt a little intruding. But other than that, there was nothing negative: great use of cut-ins, great use of audio (sounds) - really good! This looks so professional, I could very easily have imagined it to have been a BBC or Discovery Channel documentary.

  2. Nico wrote me:

    Hello Emil

    I have to say that you have made a really good documentary there. For a student project its amazing how much you actually did. I enjoyed the opening, it really put you into the scene. I think the interview with the operative was informative and engaging. You made a documentary not just about a place but also a person who worked there.

    Your graphics were good, nice sound and sfx, nice pans and camera moves, nice little detail shots all combining into a nice documentary. You should be very proud of it. Well done.


  3. Emil, this is fantastic! Really fascinating storytelling without trying to say too much. The atmosphere was just perfect and wonderful lighting. I agree with Stuart that I found a couple of the close-ups shots of the man to be a little uncomfortable for me personally but it did help us to build some empathy I suppose. I loved the light and the almost abstract patterns and textures. Really really well done!