Monday, 22 April 2013

Project 13 Non-diegetic sound


Examples of the following:

- Intentional confusion of diegetic and non-diegetic sound
Mulholland Drive: The Silence theatre scene, the singer sings a song, we are sure her is singing and in the middle of the song she fell on the stage but the voice is still singing. Intention: everything is an illusion. As I am thinking about it it is diegetic sound because the characters in the film can hear it.

some examples from youtube:

- Sound that is hard to identify as either diegetic or non-diegetic

- Music (non-diegetic) used to identify social and cultural references

- Music and other non-diegetic sound used to create, for example, atmosphere, tension and emotion
Jaws: a signal that the sharks are nearby. (another example:
Psycho: the bathroom scene.

- Non-diegetic sound that sets the pace of s scene

- Non-diegetic sound that gives clues or cues to action

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