Sunday, 6 October 2013

Exercise: De-edit a sequence - reconnected shots

I was successful to shorten the cuts mainly in shots where no dialogue was and where I was able to play with non-diegetic or off screen sound.

Shots cut down to the absolute bare minimum: I noticed some of them lost their tempo even the cut works well. Some shots have got feeling that something is missing. I was happy when some information was cut out and in the end it was not missing, e.g. Harry gets a coffee. I was not able to cut down some shots because there was a dialogue.

1. The sequence still conveys the meaning. It is true that it looks somehow shorten and that something is missing. The flow of the story was damaged and there is a feeling that something must be repaired.

2. The feeling here is that something is missing like tempo and flow of story. The cutting is really important to tell the story to be believable. In my shortened version I cut down 30 second from original which is 4 minutes and 30 s long.

3. I think the feeling did not affected the meaning, still we can feel that Harry is an introvert and professional in his work. The mystery atmosphere is still there.

I did not uploaded the sequence because you-tube blocked some of previous sequences due to the rights.

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