Monday, 16 September 2013

De-edit a sequence: The Conversation (Francis Ford Coppola) Harry at work

Particular rhythm:
- the introduction of scene where Harry has work is very slowly, we see industrial area and an empty building where he works

- he is taking off his macintosh and the work starts
here the cuts introduce recording unit A (shop bag), B (parabolic unit), C (City of Paris unit) which Harry used to record the conversation. There is parallel cutting between the past (when the recording happened) and present when Harry is using his equipment to listen to the conversation and trying to have it clear. As he is tuning the switches the cuts jump on the past and we see the man with the shopping bag, the parabolic unit etc. The Harry's work as he is playing with the equipment dictates the tempo of the cuts.

- later there is MediumCloseUp of Harry - and the rhythm of cuts depends where Harry is looking.

Elements of composition and their effect?

First shot elements: rails - industrial area, one wagon, one man, empty space. The connection is maybe important - a change -  as he is walking across the rails.

We rise by a lift to Harry's world. Big empty space. His fenced working space is in a corner at the back.
My first question: why he needs so big space when he uses only a small part? The lights are turned on. He must be very good in his job to afford that.

Harry at the desk: there are many equipments. Harry is a specialist, expert in recording, he loves his work.

His assistant is waiting for Harry on a couch. He is reading an article in magazine about Harry. There is a bike and golf bag. It has effect that this assistant can enjoy some relax. Harry looks that he does not bother about anything else than his work.

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