Sunday, 2 June 2013

Assigment 3 Creating meaning


  1. Hi Emil
    What a great production you have made here! I remember this assignment was to convey information on two levels, on and off screen. You have succeeded really well with your continued theme of your (?) dead father getting in contact with you. You have presented the relationships between the characters (and the off screen father) in a believable way. Love the mise en scene, the mood and atmosphere of the film - the dark nature of what is going on fits so well. Using subtitles works really well - the language adds to the mystery. So well done Emil. You should be really proud of the film

  2. I can only echo what Margaret has said Emil. Very well done. I liked this very much.

  3. This is brilliant Emil - I am amazed how much drama you have managed to convey in such a short piece. Very well done. Love it!